Foam Balls for 2 7/8 Inch Tubing Drillpipe

Open cell foam balls for 2 7/8 inch tubing drillpipe is designed to wipe the ID’s of Casing, tubing and drill pipe. Foam wiping balls can segregate fluids, chase a wiper dart to maximise wiping efficiency, or wipe drill pipe during a bit trip. Made of natural foam rubber, the operating temperatures are 40 ̊F to (4 ̊C) to 300 ̊F (150 ̊C).

Foam Balls for 2 7/8 Inch Tubing Drillpipe Offshore

Foam balls for 2 7/8 inch tubing drillpipe have a parting stretch of 380 to 440%, which means it can pass through small restrictions without being damaged. It easily passes through internal upset restrictions such as mechanical setting tools, diverters, and liner running tools, and multiple balls can be pumped if necessary.

Offshore Oil Rig Gulf Region
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