WP10006 Foam Wiper Ball

WP10006 Foam Wiper Ball: general size reference 6.00 in. Actual size 5.91 in. Thus its typical wiping range 4.75 to 2.00 in. In addition minimum restriction of it is 0.875 in.

WP10006 Foam Wiper Ball

If you need a WP10006 foam wiper ball for your oilfield application please contact with us. The wiper balls are made of natural rubber of open cell design. The foam wiper ball has a parting stretch of 380% to 440%, which means it can pass through small restrictions without being damaged. It easily passes through internal upset restrictions, such as mechanical setting tools, diverters, and liner running tools, and multiple balls can be pumped, if necessary.

Offshore drilling rigs Special Piping Materials
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